Glossary of Dance Terms

Glossary of Dance Terms

Below are a list of the words and terms used to describe steps and routines. The quicker you can learn these the easier it will be!

Ball change: A change of weight from the ball of one foot onto the ball or flat of the other foot.

Kick: A movement of the whole leg from the hip in any direction.

Lunge: A step taken in any direction on either foot with the weight held over the flexed supporting leg, leaving the other leg extended.

Plié: A flexing and straightening of the knees. The knees align with the feet.

Pressure Step: A movement of one foot taken in any direction without weight transference, The step is taken with pressure into the floor, partial weight being retained by the supporting foot.

Spin: A rotation to left or right on the spot or travelling. It is normally performed on the ball of the foot.

Switch turn: A step forward onto the right foot followed by a half turn to the left with weight transference onto the left foot. Can be commenced on the left foot turning to the right. The amount of turn may vary slightly.


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