Choreography support for schools

React Dance specialises in creative and performance based dance choreography, working with a theme, phrase or specific idea to create both abstract and story based pieces. The aim of these sessions is to allow children to develop their creativity, confidence, and team work.

I can create a bespoke choreography package that works for the school or teacher to help them deliver their curriculum needs or as support for a show or event. Each package is bespoke to your school – the length of time to create the piece will depend on several factors including the age of the children, the number of performers, and the aim of the piece. The price will be agreed at the outset.

Choreography Package

Music will be sourced to match your objective, the choreography will be planned and provided – leading the sessions with the children over an agreed amount of time or sessions.

Choreography Package and Advice

This is a similar package to above but includes training a member of your staff with the choreography and rehearsal and performance process, providing a copy of the dance piece written up and also a video of steps broken down by me.

Virtual Choreography Package

Consultation will take place via Skype or Phone to allow the teacher to explain the objective, ideas, and what they would like. I then offer suggestions and advice. Music will be sourced to match your objective, the choreography will be planned and a written guide provided to allow the teacher to lead the sessions. It is suggested rehearsals are recorded and emailed for feedback or be can arrange attendance at one or two of the rehearsal sessions for support.

The maximum number of hours for the work – planning, choreographing, rehearsals, and support will be agreed prior to the booking, detailed on a quotation for review and agreement.

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