Youth Theatre Programme

Our drama programme aims to introduce students to a varied range of plays, monologues, and writings to widen their understanding of this art form and to learn and experience different styles of performance.

Beginning with technique at each session we will cover both scripted and improvised works. We’ll look at monologues (solo pieces), poetry, plays and improvisation.

In addition, we’ll learn the basics of creating scripts, stage management and creating stories and characters.

Please provide a folder for scripts and a pen and notebook for sessions.
General, easy to move clothing to be worn

As a member of the National Association of Youth Theatres we abide by their principals

NAYT’s principles

  • All young people have a right to participate in high quality, engaging, challenging and meaningful theatre experiences.
  • Young people and those who work with them have the right to work in safe environments.
  • Youth theatre and all of its practitioners have the right to platforms of equal value and importance as other forms of theatre.
  • Youth theatre has the power to influence, inform, challenge and change theatre practice.
  • Youth theatre has the right to the same resources as other forms of theatre.
  • Youth theatre has the right to work with high quality artists and theatre practitioners.
  • Youth theatre is at its best when it provides opportunities for young people to take risks in safe contexts.
  • Youth theatre is vital to the personal, social, political, aesthetic and educational development of young people. The theatre art is a universal expression of human kind and helps young people to find their place and voice in society.
  • Youth theatre practitioners have the right to high quality professional development.
  • Youth theatre recognises young people as artists in their own right.
  • Youth theatre should access a diverse range of cultures, genres, art forms and approaches.
  • Youth theatre should reflect and represent the diversity of all young people taking part.
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