Pre-school Programme

Join us in our pre-school dance adventures as we learn to stamp, twirl, plie, run and leap through the magic gardens, enchanted forests, sail the high seas, dive the oceans and explore castles. Using fairytales we improve not only our dance and movements skills, but also listening, turn-taking and social skills are developed each week, and children are introduced to classroom etiquette.

We use beautiful age appropriate props such as shakers, scarves, pompoms, and ribbons to assist in learning movement. We also welcome dress up fun too!

Each child receives a sticker at the end of each class as a reward and at the end of every month an achievement chart and certificate

We have a ballet based class, a tap and theatre based class and a pop based class running during school times – please see our timetable for information. Or sign up for our special preschool newsletter

Simply bring: A bottle of water, a healthy snack for after class, and your biggest smiles!

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