Musical Theatre

This is a special programme combining dance (in various forms), drama and singing to prepare students for performing on stage.

The dance programme focuses on the routines and choreography. It is recommended that our students take ballet, and ideally, tap and theatre also to compliment this class in terms of developing their technique. Routines are designed to fit into the storyline of the theatre project of the term and will involve mixing with singing sections and drama.

Our drama offering is designed to develop their scripted performances, as well as improvisation skills. Again the programme will fit into the theatre project of the term.

The singing work will involve techniques for singing in chorus, for movement and singing, as well as building general confidence as a singer.

For 4 to 7 years this class is 1 hour long, for ages 7 plus this class is 2 hour 15 minutes. It is recommended a drink and a small snack is brought along should this be needed (fruit/vegetable snack perhaps). Water will be available.

Children will need our school leotard and jazz shoes for this class and may wear jazz pants, or shorts, our school vest or t-shirt (not stage blacks) over the top. A jacket can be worn for the drama/singing elements.

No jewellery and hair should be tied back.

This is a performance based group. As mentioned the technique is not a huge focus – should you have any questions about the best class to compliment this – please do get in touch!

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