Up to the ages of 5, our Ballet programme is based on action steps, mime and the very basics of ballet. This will ensure the children develop the correct technique to progress in not only their ballet classes but other forms of dance as well

Ages 4 to 7 years, your dancers will start to focus on the exercises and techniques that will help them develop their ballet skills. As well as developing their creativity through following famous ballets and fairy tales to create dance pieces.

From the age of 8 upwards, dancers will begin to have a much stronger understanding of what ballet is about. They will continue to improve their performance and technical skills. As we know even the professionals do this every day! We still look at fairy tales – but not just the traditional, we look at modern interpretations too – a create way to bring the wide range of styles of ballet to their class!

Ballet may seem a more disciplined class, each class begins with exercises at the barre or in the centre as appropriate. Followed by movement across the floor, partner work, choreographed pieces and an opportunity for improvisation.

For class – our school leotard and ballet tights should be worn with pink leather ballet shoes. A ballet cardigan may be worn.

Hair should be in a bun if possible, and no jewellery is to be worn in class.

Please bring a bottle of water for a drink and a healthy snack for the end of class, plus lots of energy and smiles!

Whether they may come for fun or with a more serious mind, Ballet classes will offer something for everyone as they continue on their dance journey.

Dancers are given the opportunity to take part in I.D.T.A. grade examinations to show their progression.


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