Why let your child dance?

Dance classes are not just about the kicks, turns, and routines. They have so many more benefits for your child than just the obvious “be a better dancer”. I recently read the book ‘Partnering Dance and Education’ by Judith Lynne Hanna. Though written in 1999 – it still has some important points that are relevant today.

Why learning dance is valuable

  1. Dance aids the development of “kinesthetic intelligence” – what is that you may ask. Basically it is the capacity to manipulate or handle objects well, and use a variety of physical skills. Being able to move better and with more freedom and skill is a benefit we all should welcome.
  2. It creates opportunities for self-expression and communication – it helps with their emotional development, and gives them an outlet for emotions when words cannot.
  3. It teaches creativity, problem solving, risk taking, making judgements outside of “normal life” and higher order thinking. It’s thinking outside the box, being open to new ideas and thought – from problem solving as a pre-schooler to helping with exam essays in key stage 3.
  4. It fosters an individual’s ability to better interpret interpersonal nonverbal communication. To read peoples body language, to understand emotions without being told – developing their empathy.
  5. It develops a respect for other cultures and times – be it classical ballet or modern hip hop, African dance or interpretive contemporary. It teaches appreciation of all things, even if its not “their cup of tea!”
  6. It enhances their quality of life – mental, physical and emotionally, not just when they are dancing, but the health and enjoyment it has provided long term.
  7. Its good physical exercise – it gets them moving from a young age, it teaches them to appreciate their health and their bodies, a good school will instill the values of not just rehearsal but nutrition and rest.

Join us

We’d love to welcome your children to our classes (or you to our adult dance fitness classes with www.projectfitablous.co.uk) so why not get in touch to see if we are a right fit for you?

Or simply chat with us 07969125975 and see if we can direct you to some helpful resources.

About Leanne

Principal at React Dance Academy - providing dance and performing arts education for under 18's in Kenton, Newcastle. Studied with, and continuing our development with the IDTA

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