Healthy diets for your dancers!

I’m not sure if you watched the Junk Food Kids: Whose to Blame on channel 4? But I’m pretty sure it raised some emotions even if you didn’t see it. Just take to twitter to catch up.

However, talk is cheap and while you can argue about who is at fault, it will make little difference – so how about we think of some yummy, easy to prepare alternatives to keep your dancers fit and healthy!


It is super easy to grab a quick chocolate bar after a class – I know I have done it, but its not good to do it regularly. Why not have a banana ready – there is still the sweetness there, and will have lots of goodness too. Grapes also – easy to eat and also get that sweet tooth satisfied. Raisin boxes are also very handy – just like a small pack of sweets they can be popped in a bag.

How about using frozen berries to make lollies to grab at home. They will seem like an extra special treat and are really easy to make – simply blend up some fruit – pop into a lolly maker with a stick and there you have it!

Carrots – again – easy to prepare and can be popped into a box. My nephew loves cucumber too. Veg is super good for them, and if they like it – definitely use them as snacks – they have less sugar content too than fruit does!


We all know how important breakfast is for concentration through the morning and to avoid the need for snacks and it is the same for kids. But cereals are full of sugars – even those claiming to be “good” so fill them with things like porridge – naturally sweeten with berries, or scrambled egg on toast, or even pancakes – the internet is full of ideas for healthy family breakfasts!


Packed lunches v school dinners! A nightmare choice as you don’t know the options or the quality of the food given at schools, especially if you child is one of the last to get lunch, and packed lunches need to be easily transportable as well as easy to eat!

Research some blogs – you can create yummy rice dishes in Tupperware for their  lunch, or salads with couscous. Even sandwiches with the right filling can be yummy and healthy.

It also comes to switching the crisps and chocolate for healthier options (easier said than done!) but things like yoghurt are a great alternative, as is fruit. The more they try the more you will find they like.


Keep it interesting and vary it up. Batch make the healthy meals you plan so you have a collection in your freezer for busy nights. Try and eat together at least a couple of times a week so they can see you enjoying the healthy food and associate dinner with more than just eating – a great time to catch up!

Tell us your favourite family meals or share a recipe in the comments below!



About Leanne

Principal at React Dance Academy - providing dance and performing arts education for under 18's in Kenton, Newcastle. Studied with, and continuing our development with the IDTA

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